World’s only Life Insurance Registry is now Free to the Public

Hello All,

Yes you read the heading correctly. With the word out and the buzz getting louder, we can honestly say that we are growing everyday. At this time there is much work to do and many people to help. Help us spread the word, tell your family and friends that you care about them and want them to be assured that their life insurance will be found when the time comes.

It just totally frustrates me when I tell people how important this is. People just don’t get it. If I were to tell you a name 15 years ago, what are the chances that you will remember…..think about it. If you don’t know the company name that your loved one had life insurance with, you will never be able to find it.

Register for FREE, spread the word to your family and friends and help them protect their legacy so that it can be passed on through life insurance.

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