Unclaimed Life Inusrance

Do you have life insurance? Are you 100% sure that your beneficiaries will find it when the time comes? Many people just assume the insurance company will contact their beneficiaries when they pass away. How is the insurance company supposed to know that you died unless someone tells them?

I ran into this problem when my father passed away a few years ago. I assumed, since I was a life insurance agent, it would be very easy to locate the company. I learned there is no Government or Private database you can go to for help. Because of the Privacy Act, the insurance companies will never get together and create one. There are 100’s of Life Insurance companies in the United States alone. This is a major problem that is recognized all over the world and not only with life insurance. Bank Accounts, Safe Deposit Boxes and yes, Storage Units…. All you need is a company name. If you don’t have the company name you will definitely have a problem. And this problem is only recognized when it is too late.

FindYourPolicy.com is a simple and safe solution.

Over the years of being in business we have come across many people that wished they had registered with us. They can’t find the life insurance company name of their loved ones… and the government and insurance companies are not helping….because they can’t.

We have individuals registering and searching the database consistently. Insurance commissioners and life insurance agents refer clients to us because they know how important it is to keep your family informed. Take that step and protect what you worked so hard to keep. Register all your family members. Search the database to see if an agent or your loved one registered with us. And feel free to send us an email with any questions.

Until next time, Michael Hartmann http://www.findyourpolicy.com/

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  1. yes my husband died last year he said he had insurance in bank of america but he never mention or handed a policy number he suddently die

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