The only thing you have to do to Guarantee payouts.

Hello All,
I constantly read threads, blogs and articles about what you should do to prevent your life insurance policy from not being paid to your beneficiaries. The main focus is to make sure your beneficiaries know the company name by printing it out and giving to them or telling the insurance companies of all address changes when they occur.
There is only one solution that will always work and will Guarantee with certainty your beneficiaries will always find the life insurance policies that you have. It is to register your life insurance policy on a Central Life Insurance Database. is that database. Don’t be fooled by all the people that tell you different. Writing it down and giving it to your family is great, however, if it was so good, there would not be any beneficiaries looking for their loved ones policies and there are. There are so many that the government has stepped in and is forcing insurance companies to do more to look for the beneficiaries. And we will preach everyday that there is one solution that solves this whole problem. Register it on a central database and is that database. Moving forward there is no reason for lost life insurance….period.

Tell your agent to register you, it’s free.

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