Preventing Lost Life Insurance

Hello All,

It has come to my attention there are many ways of advertising a service. Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn are new venues for me to advertise and it’s free to do so. We have started a twitter account @findurpolicy and we do have a facebook account and I have a LinkedIn profile. Do all these actually work? I have to admit that it was hard to accept at first, however, I truly believe since we first started with the social network scene we have met amazing people and great advocates of
We now have more agents than ever before contacting us about offering FindYourPolicy to their life insurance clients. We freely send them our Flyer (PDF format) so they can insert it into the life insurance paperwork or simply hand it out.
If you are interested in our Flyer for your clients, or have any questions about how our service works and how it can benefit your life clients, please feel free to contact me directly.

Until next time Michael Hartmann

Always remember our Mission Statement

“To be the best in serving our members by providing peace of mind that their beneficiaries receive their inheritance”

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