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We hear everyday of someone looking for their loved ones life insurance. The insurance companies are now being asked to compare their life clients to the Death Masters File. However, is this enough? What will they do if they do find out the insured has passed away but now they cannot locate the beneficiary? How long and to what length will they go to locate them. We are basically leaving thisĀ in the hands of the life insurance companies. Let’s assist them and also make the auditors feel good about the steps they are taking.
You should now rant and rave about a central life insurance database. Tell all your freinds, family and especially your life insurance company. If they truly want to help the consumer, they should register all their current and future clients on
Here is another article that explains the extent the government is going to, as they also realize the problem. However, the insurance companies say they are doing their best and I do believe them. I also beleive that we must take the responsibility away from the insurance companies of looking for the beneficiaries and give that responsibility to the beneficiaries to look for the life insurance company. It is as simple as registering for free on . Take a look at this article and make a decision for yourself.

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