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Hello All,

It has been approximately 3 years since we have started During this time we have approached the Life Insurance industry with a bit of a naive attitude thinking that we will be assisting the Life Insurance companies to build a strong bond between them and their clients. They would now be able to say they not only sell them life insurance but they will now assist their clients after their passing assuring them their family members, loved ones will find their policies. Well, during this time we have found out that we are not welcome. We have constantly run into a road block and a very large one at that. These companies that are supposed to take care of their clients and show them the best thing for them have answered us with something that did not surprise us however made us quite upset. We had comments like “we do not feel that you are a benefit to our members.” and the best one is “we really like your service however, if we were to take you, you would generate too many claims.”

What does this tell you. They know the statistics and of course these statistics effect their bottom line. They basically bank on the fact that your beneficiaries lose track of your life insurance.

Due to this we have approached our service in a different light. We are no longer charging to register the company name that you have life insurance with. We are and have always considered ourselves as a Consumer Protection Service. It is now FREE to register and we will charge a small fee of $9.95 to search our database. A portion of that fee will go towards cancer research as was started due to my fathers passing.

Please take the initiative and speak with everyone you know and show them how important it is to register your life insurance on a central database. The website has a tell a friend button so send to all you know and help them store this very important information.

Until next time Michael Hartmann

Always remember our Mission Statement

“To be the best is serving our members by providing peace of mind that their beneficiaries receive their inheritance”

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