Love Storage Wars? Not when it’s your stuff..

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If we say Jarrod and Brandi, Darrell Sheets, Barry Weiss and Dave Hester, and you say Storage Wars, you’re likely a fan of the A&E hit that pits treasure seekers against each other to win storage lockers and sell the goods inside.

More than 5 million viewers tune in to new episodes of Storage Wars each week. But while it’s fun to watch the fights and finishes, what wouldn’t be so fun is if your personal belongings and collections were on the other side.

Sadly, that’s what can happen if you were to pass away and the storage locker or even safe deposit box remains unpaid or undiscovered by your family. That’s why the team at offers safety deposit and storage locker registry along with the opportunity to register your life insurance policy.

In an earlier feature, we shared the story of Michael Hartmann, the Find Your Policy co-founder whose father passed away and had to search for information regarding his father’s life insurance policy. Armed with his knowledge of the life insurance industry, Michael and his brother Edmund started, the nation’s only life insurance registry.

Registration on the site is freeyou are asked to fill out information on the company who holds the life insurance policy and the last four digits of the deceased’s Government Issued Personal Identification number, which is your Social Security number in the United States. Through registering on the site, your loved ones have one, central location to turn to that won’t change addresses. In turn, you also can search the database to find a beneficiaries’ life insurance policy.

Owners of your storage locker and safe deposit box likely won’t contact your loved ones regarding your valuables. Don’t wait for the folks at Storage Wars to find itregister it on

“The entire process takes no more than two minutes to register on a database that never goes away,” Hartmann says. “It’s a great safety net, and it’s free.”  

Ready to protect your loved ones? Visit and register your policy for free or e-mail To link up on social media sites, visit, on Delicious by clicking here or follow on Twitter: @FindUrPolicy.  

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