Lost Life Insurance

Hello All,
We recently have been working with Element SEO. A company that is bringing our service to the forefront when people enter certain keywords. They have been doing a marvelous job and we have noticed our page jumps. We were on page 2 of the key phrase “lost life insurance’ on Google search. There will be more key phrases to come.
I am mentioning this so everyone can and will know that FindYourPolicy.com will be and is easily found when searching for a lost life insurance policy. Simply search the term “Lost life insurance” and you will find the only central database for life insurance in the world.
Also, be on the look out for a new article writen about us from Insure.com. It should be coming out in around 3 weeks. We will keep you updated.

Until next time Michael Hartmann

Always remember our Mission Statement”To be the best in serving our members by providing peace of mind that their beneficiaries receive their inheritance”

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