Lost Life Insurance…..

The thought of not knowing if your beneficiaries actually do know where all your financial information, like life insurance is located never crosses most peoples mind. Throughout the years we have received calls and emails of individuals that are finding this out late.
It takes three minutes to register the company name that you have life insurance with and even faster to forget about it. I always like to tell people…”You can forget but FindYourPolicy.com will NOT”

If you are an agent, please email us for our new flyer (in PDF format) you can print out, distribute and give to your life insurance clients. Just informing them will give you a client for life, telling them you not only sold them the life insurance but you are guaranteeing them, their beneficiaries will find it.

Until next time Michael Hartmann

Always remember our Mission Statement

“To be the best in serving our members by providing peace of mind that their beneficiaries receive their inheritance”

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