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Many individuals come to us having a policy in their hands however cannot find the company. They search the Internet and find no contact information. This could be due to the company no longer being in business, bought out or merged. Usually when an insurance company goes out of business the government in that state works on having another stronger company take it over. This is where the problem can occur. Without any contact information the company that took it over cannot be located. FindYourPolicy.com has a service where we can locate the new company name of the old insurance company. On our “about us” page, on the right hand side we have a banner that will take you to the service page. For a fee of $49.95 we will locate the new company name.
One thing that you must take into consideration is the fact that the new company that took over your old insurance company may not have your policy that you are looking for. When a new company takes over an old company they have a choice of which policies they take. If the policy that you are looking for is a term policy and no longer active when the new company takes the old company over they do not have to honor that specific policy. This is the reason that it is so important to claim life insurance as quickly as possible. With registering the company name that holds your life insurance policy with FindYourPolicy.com your beneficiaries will avoid this very situation by locating your policy very quickly after you pass. You will be doing a great service to your family and loved ones.

Think about it, “Does your family really know where to find EVERYTHING you have when you pass away.” Registering is simple. Protect your family and take a look at our service.http://www.findyourpolicy.com

Search our database for free. http://www.findyourpolicy.com/

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