Great Added Value Benefit to any Life Insurance sale.

Everyone selling life insurance is always looking for a better way to connect with their clients. “How can we make them feel like I am special?” What can I do to show them that I really care about them and not just in it for the money?” answers a question asked by so many for so many years. “How do I guarantee that my family will find, remember, store it a proper place, the company I have life insurance with?”
Think about this sale for a moment. You will be telling your client that you not only will sell them life insurance but you will also take care of their family when they are gone by making sure with certainty they will find the life insurance company that you sold them. is a free Added Value Benefit for anyone that sells life insurance. Take a look at our site and introduce your clients to it or simply register them yourself, guaranteeing their family will never lose the information. Our service is great for beneficiaries that do not live close to the insured. How would they know where to look. How would they know to contact you the agent. Direct them in the proper direction. Put your name and number down along with the company name.
Prevent loss, protect your clients with this FREE Added Value Benefit.

Until next time Michael Hartmann

Always remember our Mission Statement

“To be the best in serving our members by providing peace of mind that their beneficiaries receive their inheritance”

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