Finding Lost Life Insurance Policy The Best Way

Lost, unclaimed or forgotten life insurance policies are quite common. They make about one-fourth of all the life insurance policies obtained. There are more than a thousand insurance companies in the United States alone, therefore, finding a lost insurance policy is like looking for a needle in a haystack. It is unfortunate that there is no public database available to trace these policies, because of the privacy policy of the insurance companies.

To help you with this frustrating search, we are discussing five strategies that can help you in finding the lost legacy of your loved-one.

Search Personal Records

Searching through the financial records of the deceased person is the easiest way to look for a lost insurance. Go through the bank details, files, and other confidential documents to look for some information related to the insurance company.

Contact Financial Advisor

Contact any person who would be familiar with your loved one’s financial matters. Lawyers, business associates, employer, co-workers, and financial advisor might prove to be of great significance in this process.

Check Old Tax Returns

Since, insurance policies may be subjected to tax deductions; you might look for the lost life insurance policy by checking the previous year’s income tax returns.

Call the company

If you think, your family member had insurance policy with some particular company; you may try your luck by giving them a call. The more information you have about your loved-one, the better it is. Try looking for the lost policy by telling them the name, date of birth, and social security number of the deceased one.

Use a Policy Locator Service

This is probably the best way to look for a lost life insurance policy, provided that your loved-one has registered his information on any of such portals. We recommend you to use FindYourPolicy. It is easy and charges minimal fee for the service.

FindYourPolicy – Best Way to Look for a Lost Insurance Policy

FindYourPolicy is a company which ensures that your loved ones get benefitted from your hard-earned money. It is a tracing service that can help you locate an insurance policy, long term care policy, annuities, storage units, safe deposit boxes, brokerage accounts, and pension plans.

Registering at FindYourPolicy

Registering at FindYourPolicy is an easy and quick process. If someone wants to register for the service they have to provide their full name, email address, last four digits of social security number, date of birth, and name of the company where they have life insurance policy.

Finding a Policy at FindYourPolicy

This service can be obtained against a nominal fee of $19.95. The beneficiaries can search the portal by providing information of their loved ones. In case they are unable to find the information they are looking for, FindYourPolicy assists them in the search by providing them with an online guide, which can help them in searching the lost policy.

Make sure that you do not let a life insurance policy go to waste! FindYourPolicy makes sure that your loved-one’s efforts to improvise your life do not go useless.

Source: Ladan Law firm.


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