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Losing a loved one is quite distressing for those who’re left behind. With a loss as great as this, everything else shrinks into the shadows, only to be discovered years’ later. Most of those who live to a graceful old age are bound to have invested in life insurance policies – to give their dependants a safety net after them. Amidst all chaos and suffering, this is the last thing that catches your attention. But when it does, this doesn’t make things any easier. Hunting for life insurance policies and filing claims can be very tiring – especially if you don’t have any clue where to start. This is why was created. We help you locate insurance policies by supplying you with the company name to call.

Unclaimed Life Insurance – Reality Check

According to an estimate, the insurance companies owe about $2 billion in unclaimed life insurance policies. In fact, most insurance companies hope for lost life insurance so that they don’t need to reimburse the promissory note. As long as there aren’t any claims issuing from the beneficiary’s end, they needn’t worry about the compensation. What’s more; the insured typically wouldn’t share this information with the beneficiaries. So it is left pretty much up to fate to make the insurance policy work!

Life Insurance Database – Preserving Records

At, we maintain a life insurance database registry containing what the insured person wrote down. They may have written down the name of their insurance company along with the location of a Safe Deposit box or a Storage Unit. This way this information never gets misplaced or lost. We make use of the government issued personal identification number to locate this information. We’re working globally, helping people find and claim rightfully. What’s the point of getting a life insurance policy if it doesn’t deliver the desired benefits to the beneficiaries? There have been numerous instances in the past where people have had to go through tumultuous stress just to locate the deceased’s insurance policy. With so many insurance companies on the block, it is an agonizing task. Moreover, with no document to begin with, you can’t even be sure whether your loved one did have an insurance policy in the first place! Here are a few tips you can use to make sure your beloved did have an insurance policy to begin with.

  1. Bank Statements: Are there any periodic deductions from the account that seem to have been paid as premium for the insurance policy? Detailed bank statements should be able to show these details.
  2. Employers: In some cases, life insurance is mandated as a part of the employee’s compensation package. It is therefore a good idea to check with the employer if they had any similar company protocol in place. They’ll also be able to guide you to the insurance company that offered the coverage.
  3. The State Resources: You can check through the local government’s “unclaimed property” section to see if your loved one did have a transferrable possession. These databases are usually up for free.

If you are looking for a simpler way to get things done, contact Register for free and help your family members find your life insurance policy when the time comes. We’ll help you locate lost life insurance policies with just a click!

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