You might think after you’ve determined how much insurance coverage you need and the type of life insurance policy that’s right for you picking a beneficiary is a snap. It is, in fact, possibly the most difficult decision you may make regarding your life insurance policy. A beneficiary is the person (or persons) you name (within the limited of your life insurance policy) who will receive any death benefits from the policy. There are many options you have and a few limitations regarding who you may be able to pick. Continue reading

The Basics Of Insurance Policies

Most people are unaware most insurance policies are different. An auto insurance policy is different from a life insurance policy and a life insurance policy will be different from a long-term care or disability policy. While this can be confusing for someone interested in purchasing multiple insurance policies, the good news is that all of them share a few common items. Continue reading

Lost Life Insurance

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The lack of a central database for life insurance policies places a lot of difficulties on the policyholder and beneficiary over time. Over 25% of policies remain unclaimed due to various problems in the process. A central database for life insurance would make claiming benefits much easier for beneficiaries because it would negate many of the problems.

Losing or misplacing paperwork is a problem that can slow the process of claiming a policy. Often years pass between getting a life insurance policy and the death of the policyholder, and much of the paperwork could be lost or misplaced during that space of time. A central database would allow access to information about a policy even if paperwork is lost.

Other problems can arise when a beneficiary doesn’t know enough about the policy. Many times beneficiaries are not informed of the policy’s existence or if they are, how to file a claim. They may not have all the correct paperwork or may not even remember the company’s name. A central database would allow beneficiaries to search for the information they need in order to file a claim.

Life insurance companies do have the ability to find a beneficiary if they know the policyholder has died. Companies are able to look through the Social Securities Administration’s Death Master File; a list of 95 percent of Americans that have died in the past 75 years, along with dates of birth and death, social security numbers, and zip codes. Unfortunately, many insurance companies do not take enough effort to find the beneficiary and pay the policy. As of now, it is the responsibility of the beneficiary to contact insurance companies to claim a policy.

The inability to file a claim can create a lot of financial difficulties for the beneficiary. If you enocunter this, try searching Personal Finance Blogs for advice from others who have gone through the same thing. A central database for life insurance policies would alleviate all of these issues within the industry.

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What Asthmatics Should Know About Life Insurance

Asthma is a growing problem not just in the United States but around the globe and as the incidence of asthma increases its beginning to become a growing concern for life insurance companies as well. The major concern becomes one related to asthma-related deaths, especially in adults under the age of 65. Don’t be fooled: asthma is a very serious (and possibly deadly) problem for anyone who suffers from it. If you happen to suffer from asthma don’t be discouraged from thinking you can’t find affordable life insurance. You absolutely can. Continue reading

Are You In Danger?

Do you consider your job dangerous? Hazardous to your health? Possibly fatal? You might not think so but it could be. Some jobs are just plain more dangerous than others. Steel workers, roofers, police and first responders, even professional fishermen and farmers work jobs considered to be more dangerous than your ordinary tax accountant. (Although the tax accountant might be more hated.) Continue reading

Accidental Death and Dismemberment Policies

Sometimes there are subjects or topics we’d rather not think too much about; they’re too unpleasant or distasteful to think upon for very long. Losing a limb or suffering some other form of accident that causes a disabling, or deadly, condition is probably one of those shared by many of us. It is also natural to not want to deal with any possible solution or occurrence of that type of scenario so usually we don’t. It may be a mistake to do so, to not think about those possibilities, and we honestly hope we never need the insurance we pay premiums on, but that’s why there is accidental death and dismemberment insurance: to cover the situations our life insurance may not. Continue reading

Lost Life Insurance

Let’s all take some time and think about the possibilities of loss. What if you were to loose the person in the household that was the main breadwinner. Would you be able to keep the food on the table, the house you live in or even keep up the life style that you have. There are so many people that actually do have life insurance however it stops there. Speaking with your loved ones about where it is and where they should go to make sure they receive it is just as important as getting life insurance. I cannot emphasize enough how important it is to keep those records accessible to family members. This is the reason was created. It is a simple 2 minute registration that will allow you to guarantee with certainty your family members will locate the company name you have life insurance with. Do it now, you will not regret it. Your family will love you for it.

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Accidental Death and Your Insurance

Anyone looking for life insurance is probably familiar with the term ‘double indemnity’. Normally used in conjunction when discussing an accidental death benefit, the phrase quite literally means the death benefit of your policy doubles if you die from an accident. The accidental death rider is probably one of the best values someone with a policy can have to add to their existing policy. Continue reading

There is Always a Need.

The need for life insurance is obvious. It helps individuals keep their homes, pay for bills and most of all, know they can continue financially if something were to happen. Here at FindYourPolicy we receive emails all the time from individuals that are looking for their loved ones policies. Losing a policy is something that happens all the time and even though the insurance commissioners are doing their best to regulate this problem the one thing that can solve this problem is a centralized life insurance database. Think about it. If you as a beneficiary could go to a database and check on your Aunt (for example)  and see if she had a policy that she paid for and found it with certainty, don’t you think that you would be happy? Don’t you think that your Aunt would be happy? Imagine paying for something and not knowing if your family can find it. This is a major problem that is only recognized when it is too late. We encourage everyone with life insurance to register. It is free and safe. Guarantee your family will find your life insurance policy. If you have any questions, please let us know.

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Unclaimed Benefits Slip Through the Cracks

Thousands and thousands of dollars of life insurance benefits are floating around unclaimed every year. The difficulty facing many beneficiaries is many don’t even know there are benefits they are entitled to. With the point of your life insurance policy being to take care of your loved ones after your passing or in time of accident or illness you can take action to make sure their benefits don’t go unclaimed. Continue reading