A Life Insurance Night Mare that can be Avoided.

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Uncle Bob passed away last week leaving his wife and children with a list of bills that in his mind at the time would easily be taken care of. Unfortunately his wife was afraid of the word death so Uncle Bob took care of all the life insurance paperwork and details. She knows that he was a stickler for money so paying an attorney to assist him was totally out of the question. He said that the family is easily taken care of if something were to happen. “He bought a policy from ……. I don’t exactly remember the company name, but that is okay because they will contact me if something were to happen” she constantly told friends. Well the time has come and to her surprise she cannot remember the company name and she has no idea where the policy paperwork is. Since the time he bought the policy they have moved twice and she is not sure if he updated the address on the policy. She could wait for a year to see if a payment receipt shows up in the mail or she could start calling the over 2000 life insurance companies, but that would be a night mare. The work starts now and all this because of a simple miscommunication.
This is only one scenario that can happen and that does happen. From Attorneys closing their doors to Hurricanes destroying files to just simply forgetting, can you guarantee that your beneficiaries will find your policy? Keep in mind they cannot wake you up to ask. This is something you have worked hard to have and keep up. This is something you want to know with certainty. Many individuals with life insurance take for granted that their loved ones will have no problem locating their life insurance policy when the time comes. There truly has to be a central database where an individual can search for their loved ones life insurance policy. Well now there is. It is called FindYourPolicy.com and it is FREE. There should no longer be a situation where a policy goes unclaimed. The process to register only takes two minutes and never is any proprietary information asked. All you are ever releasing to your beneficiaries is the company name that you have life insurance with. You will never be asked for a social security number or policy numbers or amounts. That is not necessary. If you have a company name you will never have to go through what Uncle Bob’s relatives are about to go through.

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