Life Insurance For Children: Good or Bad?

If you are a parent supporting a young family it’s pretty much a no brainer you will want to spring for a life insurance policy for yourself and your spouse. What’s not so certain is if a life insurance policy is appropriate for your children. Many parents are torn between deciding if it’s even the right thing to do for their child. Some policy holders add a small rider for their children, usually just enough to cover a burial expense. Is that enough? Continue reading

Should You Consider Life Insurance?

As we enter adulthood we often have a sense of invincibility.  Because of this many young adults fail to consider purchasing a life insurance policy.  No matter how young and healthy you may be it is important that you consider purchasing even a small term-life insurance policy to cover any final expenses that may arise in your name in case of a sudden illness or accident.  Continue reading

Reasons To Tweak Or Change Your Life Insurance Policy

Things in life change quickly and we rarely know how our circumstances will change over time.  If you first purchase life insurance when you are young you may need to change and rearrange your policy over time.  There are several reasons to consider making changes in your policy type, your coverage amount, and the way your beneficiaries are aligned.  Some of the factors you may want to evaluate are marriage or divorce, the birth of children, impending retirement, or the purchase of a new home.  Each of these situations will require more yearly expenses and should be a reason to increase your coverage. Continue reading

Why Should the Single Non-Parent Consider Life-Insurance

Most of us think about life insurance as a means to help replace lost income from our death.  This income is especially important for dependents such as spouses and children who will suffer without its replacement.  That said, why should a single person who does not have any children consider purchasing life insurance?  Well, first of all no one knows their own destiny.  If you are 45 and never plan to marry you could meet the person of your dreams and start a family five or ten years down the road.  You just never know. Continue reading