Lost Life Insurance

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I am mentioning this so everyone can and will know that FindYourPolicy.com will be and is easily found when searching for a lost life insurance policy. Simply search the term “Lost life insurance” and you will find the only central database for life insurance in the world.
Also, be on the look out for a new article writen about us from Insure.com. It should be coming out in around 3 weeks. We will keep you updated.

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Always remember our Mission Statement”To be the best in serving our members by providing peace of mind that their beneficiaries receive their inheritance”

Life Insurance, Make Sure You Are Not Part of the Percent That Cannot Be Found

Life Insurance is definitely a need for all. It is important for family to know that if something unexpected where to happen their needs are taken care of. Despite what some think, life insurance is used to supply financial help to those you leave behind. Yes you are out of pocket while you are alive however; the small amount of monthly payments on a term policy is well worth the risk. You cannot guarantee a return in any other investment as life insurance. For example, if you were to get a 500,000 dollar life policy and pass away with in 3 years your beneficiaries would receive this large amount. You could have been paying as little as 50 dollars a month. There is no way that you can guarantee a return such as that with any other investment. Due to prices of life insurance everyone should have one form of life insurance or another.
As important it is to have life insurance it is just as important to prevent it from being lost. Lost life insurance is a major problem that gets recognized only when it is too late. When you have worked so hard at paying your policy term and trying to supply for your family in case of an accidental death, would you not want to be guaranteed your family members find it. There has to be a central database where an individual can go to locate a lost life insurance policy.
It is said that 25% of life insurance policies go unclaimed due to beneficiaries not knowing where to look. We will never know the real percentage as the life insurance companies can only do so much. They will assume when an individual with life insurance stops paying their premiums they no longer want the policy. Unless they contact each and every beneficiary when an insured person stops paying their premiums, to confirm their death we will never know the true numbers. Due to the Privacy Act, the insurance companies cannot put this information on a central database. With over 2000 life insurance companies in the United States alone, finding a lost life insurance policy is not as easy as everyone thinks.
FindYourPolicy.com is a central database where an individual can register the company name they have life insurance with, and it’s free. You can guarantee your family members receive the benefits you worked so hard to give them.
Think about it. As important as life insurance is, don’t you think it is just as important to make sure your family members find it when the time comes.

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Always remember our Mission Statement

“To be the best in serving our members by providing peace of mind that their beneficiaries receive their inheritance”