Doubters Among Us

Hello All,

We at have been preaching for quite some time now how important it is to keep your beneficiaries informed of this very important information. The company name that holds your life insurance. And even though we truly believe that this is a very important subject there are doubters out there that simply feel different. As a matter of fact, we have been approached by a select few that feel writing the name on a piece of paper and simply handing it to their beneficiaries will suffice. Well, if it was that simple, why do we at first of all have people signing up for our service regularly and receive calls weekly of despirate individuals looking for the policies on their loved ones. Sure, if you feel that your family is organized enough to keep important information on a piece of paper that you give them and actually store it in a place that they will find in 10, 20 or 30 years from now, then by all means. was created to assist individuals to keep this information available to their loved ones. We know for a fact that this is a service that is much needed. We have spoken to top life insurance companies and they have all told us that they receive 1000’s of calls a day of individuals looking for their loved ones life policies because they forgot the company names. This tells us that as much as our doubters would like to think our service is not necessary, try to tell one of the individuals that call us the reasoning behind the doubters thoughts. It is not that simple and the tragedy of this happening is only recognised when it is too late.
If you loose your wallet or keys you can simply track backwards and sometimes figure out where you lost them. If your beneficiary looses track of your life insurance they cannot simply ask you where to look for it.

Think about it, “Does your family really know where to find EVERYTHING you have when you pass away.” Registering is simple. Protect your family and take a look at our service.

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